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Wireless Charging Now

There will be over 700 million Qi compatible smart phones being used by the end of 2019*. If your guests are getting wireless charging phones, shouldn't you be getting wireless phone chargers?

While this technology has been around for several years, slow adoption made it more of a novelty than a practical feature to include in your hotel. But with Apple on board, wireless charging will grow exponetially, and Qi is the clear standard. 



* Share of phones with Qi Wireless charging by 2019 based on WPC Wireless Power Consortium report.


is nonstop

Your guests live with technology. They rely on their devices and you want to make them feel at home with their tech during their stay. But it’s no easy feat with guests constantly upgrading devices and new smart technologies being introduced.

Let us navigate this changing landscape to meet your guests needs and make their tech feel at home during their stay. We’ve been working both on consumer electronics and with hotel technology for decades. We’re on top of all the new devices and technologies and can help you meet the expectations of all your high-tech and traditional guests. And since we understand the hospitality business, we know the unique features that you need to work for your rooms.

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