General FAQ

What is Nonstop Products?

Nonstop Products is the result of a seasoned hospitality business leader and an award winning consumer electronics designer joining forces to deliver unique, functional, and design-driven products to hotels across the world.

Where can I purchase Nonstop Products?

Nonstop Products are currently available with the following resellers. Interested in becoming a reseller? Email us at

Can anyone purchase Nonstop Products?

Currently Nonstop Products are only offered to hotels. However this will change very soon as we plan to get an e-commerce platform up and running. Subscribe to our Newsletter below to get updates on when they will be available.

Are Nonstop Products Hotel Friendly?

YES. Nonstop Products were built with one thing in mind - hotels! All of our products come with an entire suite of hotel friendly features including single-day alarm, a back-up battery, security tethers and so much more!

What are the different customization options Nonstop offers?

Nonstop offers 3 levels of customization:

  1. Branded Tray Cards: As referenced here, the unique tray card on Station W allows for a wide range of branding options. This type of branding can be done for order quantities of ANY SIZE. For help on applying the trade cards check out this video.

  2. Custom Finishes: All of Nonstop products can be customized with different color housings/displays. Options include marble, leather, different colored woods, all white and more. An MOQ of 1K is required to do a custom finish for no additional charge. For order quantities of 500 or above a custom finish can be done for an additional surcharge. More info can be found here and please contact for questions and to get started!

  3. Full Customization: For large quantity orders such as brand standards Nonstop can completely customize a product to the properties exact specifications. This includes adding their logo, colors, etc. It also allows for the adding or removing of certain features such as AC outlets, USB-C, USB ports, etc. In other words - it’s whatever the property wants! The MOQ for this varies but generally starts at 2K. Please contact for more info.

What’s the average lead time for custom solutions or if the product is not in stock?

Standard Versions - in stock in various warehouses across the US.  If sold out, approximately 4 weeks for replenishment.

Custom Branding Cards - 3 days for print production.  Add two weeks if engaging Nonstop design studio for custom design production.

Customized Product -  8-12 weeks (MOQ’s apply, see above)

What certifications do Nonstop Products have?

Nonstop Products are FCC Certified Compliant as well as UL listed. We are working to get the appropriate international certifications as we speak.

How do you set Auto Day-Light Savings time?

Each unit comes with Auto-DST enabled by default. Should you wish to turn it off simply hold down the hour set and time set buttons located on the back of the unit. For “Spring Forward” the time will change at approximately 2am. For “Fall Back” the time will change at approximately 3am.

Qi Wireless Charging FAQ

How Does Wireless Charging work?

Qi Wireless Charging utilizes a process known as inductive wireless charging. When a Qi compatible phone (receiver) is placed on a wireless charger (transmitter), electricity begins flowing around inside the transmitter. This causes electricity inside the receiver to flow around as well - which makes your phone charge.

Which Phones Support Qi Wireless Charging?

Every Samsung Phone dating back to 2012 has it, and Apple added it to their latest phone models (8/8S/X) and will include it on all future models. A full list is available here.

Why would a hotel pay more for Qi?

In 2018, 85% of phones sold will be Qi compatible. It’s the future of charging - and it’s future proof. When a hotel pays for Qi, they are spreading costs out over the next 5-10 years.

The Qi is in addition to dual USB.  Most clock radio chargers had just 2 USB (could charge 2 devices).  With Qi + Dual USB you can charge 3 devices (or 33% more charging capacity).   Considering individuals are traveling with so many USB devices (watches, fitness bands, headphones and more) AND there’s often more than one person in the room - this is super valuable.

Are all of Nonstop products Qi certified?

All the Station products have either been listed by the World Power Consortium as Qi certified, or they are pending final approval.

Is Qi Wireless Charging Safe?

Yes. In compliance with Qi certified standards. Each of our products has Foreign Object Detection built in. Whenever a device that is not Qi compatible is placed on the tray, our product recognizes it and doesn’t allow any heat or electricity to be transmitted.

Can you use Qi Wireless Charging with your case?

Yes. The coil inside of our products that transmits electricity works with over 99% of cases on the market.

Please note that phones with “Pop-Sockets” will have a difficult time using wireless charging.

Won’t it be an inconvenience to guests since they can’t use their phone while charging?

That’s the beauty of wireless charging. Whenever you aren’t using your phone, place it on the pad and your battery will get a boost.