Hotel Design: Trends That Inspired Us

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Constant Connection

It’s no secret the vast majority of us are obsessed with our mobile devices. We use them for personal communication, work, entertainment, and increasingly - as a form of payment.  In fact I’d go as far as to say the invention of the smartphone has probably had more of an impact on our lives than any other invention in the 21st century. While a lot of good has come from these pocket sized devices, our ever increasing dependence on them has resulted in a generation that is obsessed with staying connected.

What’s it mean to Stay Connected?

Simply put - it means being plugged into your network all times. Whether it’s your social circle, your colleagues, or your friends over at Netflix - staying connected has become a source of comfort for consumers everywhere. Yet as we know, these handheld beauties don’t last forever, as they require a charge at least once a day. (For many 2-3 charges a day) Failure to do this results in what LG has called “Low Battery Anxiety”, a “Pseudo Disease” that reportedly affects up to 9 out of 10 people.

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While it’s unclear if our obsession with staying connected will have a positive or negative impact for society in the long run, what is clear is our reliance on power is only going to become more apparent as our world becomes increasingly digital.

Hoteliers have been aware of this power hungry craze for sometime now and have acted accordingly. In 2019 you’d be hard pressed to find a hotel that doesn’t offer some kind of charging outlet right at the bedside. Some hotels are even bragging about how much power their new prototype rooms have.

From the guest room, to the lobby, to the bar - it’s essential for the modern hotel to incorporate as much power as they can.

From an operational standpoint this is pretty straight forward - the more outlets, the better - right? Well, not exactly. The issue designers from all over the world are facing is how the heck do we make all these power outlets look good?

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Built-in Power Outlets

One of the more obvious solutions is to build power outlets right into the furniture. This tends to be the cleanest way, as it allows designers to keep cords hidden and reduce the space bulky outlets tend take up.

Basically any new hotel, or any hotel going through a renovation, will most likely include some type of built in power.

The issue is what if you’re not a new property, or you’re not scheduled to through a renovation anytime soon? How do you make power outlets look good?

Fear not! There are a couple ways you can upgrade the look and feel of your power outlets without needing to cut into the furniture.


A great way to keep charging outlets sleek and looking good is to zero in on the key features guests truly want.

For example - we discussed the fact that in the world of consumer electronics - USB has become as universal as AC - with the added benefit of taking up less space. So if USB outlets can charge nearly every device guests bring, why not omit those bulky and off-putting AC outlets and double down on USB? A solution like this is perfect for a hotel designer who wants to offer essential amenities like an alarm clock and multiple charging outlets without taking up most of the nightstand.

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Modern Design Elements

Last but not least is to re-think the entire look of charging outlets. For years, charging and power products have had the same look as most technology solutions - black, plasticky, and industrial - words not commonly associated with modern interior design.

With the consumer market leading the way, we’re starting to see more and more solutions incorporate modern elements such as wood, fabric, marble and more. Which makes complete sense - if technology has become an essential part of our everyday lives, shouldn’t it fit in with other daily essentials?

If you’re ready to really take your guestroom to the next level - check out these modern solutions.


While it may be easy to overlook the design of charging and power solutions, it’s crucial not to underestimate the importance of keeping a consistent interior design style. If your guestrooms are full of wood and other natural elements - why should the charging outlets look plastic and unnatural?

Hotels can separate themselves from the pack by taking a holistic approach to interior design - ensuring everything, from the bed spread to the nightstand clock, fits together in a uniform and aesthetically pleasing way.