Hotel Design: Trends That Inspired Us

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Keeping it Local 

I think one of the coolest things about modern hospitality is the shift from hotels being viewed as a place to sleep while traveling, to a full on destination location aimed at allowing guests to interact with and experience the local community. 

At the heart of this transformation is the increased use of “localism” in a properties design and operational strategy. Simply put, localism pulls inspiration from the surrounding community and physical environments - with the goal being to create a more authentic and impactful guest experience. 

A lot of this is inspired by millennials - who strive to “live like a local” wherever they go. We also can’t underestimate the impact of the internet on this transformation - as guests have a wealth of information about the local scene at their fingerprints - leading them to expect hotels to embrace the local scene as well. 

Below we look at 3 hospitality companies who have put localism at the heart of their design strategy. 

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The Roger Smith Hotel

Located in the heart of Manhattan, The Roger Smith Hotel is a family-owned boutique property that has maintained a distinctive, authentic identity in the heart of one of the most constantly evolving cities in the world for more than 80 years.

One of the most unique elements of the lobby and bar are the “rotating gallery spaces” that show off the creations of local artists. Additionally, they make it easy for guests to sample the local cuisine by maintaining a dedicated spot for “pop-up shops.” 

Locally inspired yet charmingly retro, think of staying at The Roger Smith Hotel as more like staying in a good friend’s really cool apartment rather than checking into a hotel.

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Accor Hotels 

A couple years back, the French Hotel Giant Accor launched a mobile app called “The AccorLocal App.” At first glance this may not seem like much, but it underpins a much larger movement in the hotel industry. One which values not just the out of town travelers, but the locals who live right next door. 

The Accor App allows locals, who may not need a room, to use the hotel for additional services. This includes things like booking Yoga classes, picking up dry cleaning after the local shops have closed, and ordering flowers. 

“It’s a shift in how hotels are being used, not just by travelers, but by locals, too  so that these brands become more a part of everyone’s daily lives, whether they’re on a trip or not”


“The hotel will be a place that will make your life easier,” 

-Accor hotels CEO Sebastien Bazin

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The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company 

Ritz Carlton, one of the premier luxury brands in the hospitality industry, has undergone new initiatives to bring local culture to their guests. 

One of those initiatives is curating authentic, local experiences for their guests. Take the Ritz Carlton Amelia Islands “Honey Break” for example. Guests are treated to special honey-infused treats that are provided by the local beekeepers. 

At the same time, 3,000 miles away in Half Moon Bay, California, Ritz Carlton guests are given the opportunity to blend their own wine from the local mountains. It’s little things like this that make travelers experiences feel more memorable and authentic. 


As traveling and remote working become more of a priority for all types of demographics, hotels are doing their part to make their guests “live like locals.”

Nonstop supports that trend by making it easy to promote local experiences right on the in-room charging station. It’s never been easier to promote unique, authentic experiences right where guests look the most.

Are you ready to join the movement?