Make it Yours: Custom Branded Hotel Alarm Clocks

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The Rise of Personalization

We live in an era of personalization. Whether it’s your shoe choice, car choice, or how you like your burger cooked - we’re innately drawn to businesses that allow us to “Make it Our Own.” There’s just something extra satisfying about knowing you had your fingerprints all over a finished product.

The rise of personalization is something we wanted to capture in our products. We wanted hoteliers to be able to add their logos, colors and other kind of branding to in-room technology solutions that are often seen as mundane. After all, technology has become ingrained in our everyday lives, yet, as we’ve said a million times, it often struggles to fit with the existing design and almost never can be customized to match the properties brand.

How this was going to be done was the tricky part. Allowing any property of any size to build their own custom ground up solution isn’t financially feasible and would be a logistics nightmare. Sure for the large projects, or brand standards, this wouldn’t be an issue - but we wanted to find a way for properties of all sizes, from 10 rooms to 10,000 rooms, to be able to add a personal touch to one of the most valuable pieces of hotel real estate - The Nightstand.

Already know what kind of branding card you want? Check out part two for a step-by-step guide on how to execute!

Everyone has their own preference - don’t make them choose

Everyone has their own preference - don’t make them choose

Built to Make it Your Own

We knew for this to be successful it would need to be done in a thoughtful and intentional way. The last thing we want is to support a “cheesy marketing gimmick” that immediately turns guests off when they see it.  

This was part of the inspiration behind the “Charing Tray” that comes with Station W. While at first we thought of it as a “Bed to Lay Your Phone In” We quickly realized it would be an ideal place to add a custom branding element for a couple reasons. Firstly, we knew that many hotels would want to inform guests that they offer wireless charging - meaning there would already be demand for some kind of instructional card on or around the product. Secondly, the depth that the tray provides allow a branding piece to rest their in a subtle and non-intrusive way.

After carefully considering all factors, what we landed on was a branding “card” of sorts that would rest on the charging tray.  We first showed off this ability at BDNY this past November and people throughout the industry loved it. Everyone from designers, to purchasing companies, to hotel managers - thought it was a refreshing way to push a property’s brand without feeling too “advertisey.”

We knew we were onto something here. The next step was determining what kind of content these branding cards should display Instructional? Promotional? All of the above?

A Card for Everybody

Hoteliers have different goals when it comes to guest engagement. Some are looking to drive guests towards their loyalty app, some are looking to inform them about a restaurant or new amenity, and some just want to offer a cool and unique design that makes guests remember them. With the Station W tray cards, each of these can be accomplished via our various design offerings:

Hotel Branding:

The most straightforward of the Station W tray card designs. Hoteliers can display their properties branding in a thoughtful way that doesn’t come off as intrusive for guests. In addition to displaying your property’s logo and colors, you can inform guests about the wireless charging compatibility.  

Curio Tray Card.png

Decor-Driven Design:

For hotels that like to show off their unique style. Perhaps you are a beach resort, or a property built for nature lovers - Station W allows to reflect whatever makes your property different.

You can even choose a design that matches the colors of either your WarmWalnut™ or JetWay™ Station W. In this way the card feels like it’s a part of the product, rather than a post production branding piece.

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Guest Loyalty:

Above all else the Station W tray is a wireless charging pad. What better way to drive guests to your mobile app then to promote it on a mobile device charger?

You can even get creative and use the branding card to promote a special offer for downloading your app. Such as offering 10% off your first drink at the bar if you show the downloaded Marriott App. More guests with your app and more guests at your bar - Win Win!

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Perhaps you’re hosting a concert at your event center or a major comedian is in town. The Station W charging tray provides a perfect place to inform guests about the show and drive more ticket sales. You can even offer special discounted tickets for guests who mention they learned about the concert through the in-room promotional piece.

This type of card is completely geared towards driving guest engagement and increasing your bottom line.

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If you’re in the hotel industry we’d love to hear your initial impressions on utilizing the nightstand clock as an additional engagement point for guests. Do you think it would add value? Or are you worried about overwhelmingly guests with promotional material?

At Nonstop we strive to tailor our products to fit with your properties unique needs. If you want to explore all the different customization options we can offer, fill out this form or shoot us an email at