Make it Yours: Custom Branded Hotel Alarm Clocks - Part 2

Customization Part 2.png

We talked about the increasing demand for personalization and the different ways you can leverage the nightstand to drive guest engagement. But more importantly, how do you execute in order take your nightstand to the next level?

Step 1: Pick Your Product

Before deciding how to customize you need to decide which product fits your needs.

Perhaps you’d like a Bluetooth speaker, perhaps your TV provides Bluetooth or other music streaming but you need a clock?  Maybe you don’t need a clock, but it’s time to upgrade a clunky old charging strip?  or perhaps you’re renovating and complimenting the new design is most important - we have a solution that fits all of those needs.  

Station Family - LINKEDIN.png

Step 2: Choose your Style

Next it’s time to decide what type of content you’d like to display. Promoting your brand? Showcasing the guestroom tech?  Driving guest engagement around a new amenity or service? Increasing exposure for a new on property restaurant? It’s important to decide what your goal to ensure maximum effectiveness. You can see an overview of the different customization styles here.

Step 3: Download the Template

Dimensions for Station W Custom card

Dimensions for Station A Custom card

Dimensions for Station C Custom card - COMING SOON

Click the Image to Download the Station A template

Click the Image to Download the Station A template

Step 4: Let’s Get Creative

Now that you’ve picked a product, chose a content style, and downloaded the template, it’s time to put your creative skills to the test and design your graphic! Need some ideas? Check out some of our favorite designs!

If creativity isn’t your strong point, the Nonstop design studio can help craft your card for you. Just reach out connect@Nonstopproducts with the artwork you’d like to use and we’ll get to work!

Step 5: Time to Print

Once the artwork is complete and up to your standards, it’s time to make your creation come to life! Simply email connect@nonstopproducts with the .ai file of your artwork in the appropriate dimensions and we’ll get it printed and a sample sent over ASAP! Lead time: 1-2 weeks.

Step 6: Show Time

So you’ve done steps 1-5. You received your print sample and it’s better than anything you could of imagined. You’re ready to move forward with custom branded alarm clocks for all your hotel rooms… now is where the fun starts - applying the custom card to all your units.

We found the easiest way is to apply the card one at a time during installation of the clocks/charging stations. The material we used is a thin yet durable polyester adhesive that is easy to apply without creating air bubbles. If you need some help to get yourself going check out this video.

We promise you’ll be a pro in no time.

Note: in certain circumstances Nonstop cap apply the custom card for you. However this comes with a labor charge. Reach out to connect@nonstopproducts for more info.

That’s it! You now have everything you need to take your hotel nightstand to the next level.