How are San Francisco Hotels Using Wireless Charging to Improve the Guest Experience?

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The Silicon Valley has long been considered the Tech Capital of the world. Industry icons such as Google as Facebook have called it home for years, and new innovative start-ups arise almost daily trying to get a piece of the highly competitive tech space. 

Interestingly the hospitality market in this region appears to be influenced by their surroundings - we’re starting to see many Bay Area hotels become a hotbed for new tech aimed at improving the guest experience.

One of those new technologies is Qi Wireless Charging - which is rapidly becoming the preferred method of charging for consumers everywhere. A recent survey by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) found that nearly ⅔ of consumers use wireless chargers in their home. We can expect that number to continue to grow as more and more consumers purchase new smartphones that will undoubtedly be Qi compatible. 

All this adds up to a “generational power shift” - as consumers decide to ditch their charging cable for the convenience and longevity that wireless charging offers. However, there is still a major gap between what consumers are using at home, and what they see in a hotel room. It’s important to note that same WPC survey found the vast majority of consumers who use wireless charging would like to see it in their hotel room - along with other public spaces such as Airports, Coffee Shops and Restaurants. 

The Number of Qi Shipments nearly doubled in 2018, and it on track for the same in 2019.

The Number of Qi Shipments nearly doubled in 2018, and it on track for the same in 2019.

Forward-thinking hotels realize this, and are looking to get skin in the game early so they can differentiate themselves and impress some of their best guests. 

Two of San Francisco’s most popular hotels - The Park Central SF and The Hotel Zetta - are leveraging wireless charging to further engage guests and deliver that “wow moment.”

Park Central SF

The Park Central SF is one of San Francisco's most breathtaking properties and iconic properties. As soon as you walk in the front door you’re immediately taken back by the beautifully designed lobby filled with ample seating space and a high-class restaurant. 

The rooms themselves are spacious and filled with modern amenities. Yet one thing was missing - easy and convenient charging right at the nightstand. Park Central realized this and acted quickly - opting to upgrade their in-room clock to the Station A. Which offers guests convenient wired and wireless charging - along with a Bluetooth Speaker. 

Michal Baier, General Manager at the Park Central San Francisco:

"Park Central San Francisco was in need of a replacement for an in-room clock.  Nonstop’s solution provided us with that and more! Now our guests can enjoy the convenience of wireless (or wired) bedside charging and a great Bluetooth speaker as well!  Our guests love the product!"

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Hotel Zetta

The Hotel Zetta is one of San Francisco’s most unique and forward-thinking properties. The lobby features a full bar along with other guest-friendly amenities such as a pool table.

Their rooms feature some of the most up-to-date Tech we’ve seen in the hospitality industry. Google Chromecast built into the TV, Alexa on the Nightstand, and a wireless charging alarm clock are just a few of the tech-forward amenities they offer. 

Focusing on the wireless charging piece, the Hotel Zetta wanted to come up with a fun and creative way to let guests know “Hey, all I need to do is drop my phone on the clock to get a charge.” The Nonstop Design Studio worked closely with their team to design an in-room branding card that fit with the properties unique style and flare. 

Mark Beevor, GM of the Viceroy Hotel Group, had this to say: 

“Hotel Zetta is a design-forward / tech-forward hotel always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver that exceptional experience at great convenience.  Charging is a necessity and a chore so having wireless charging capabilities right by the bed made this easy and allowed us to have fun with our customized design.  The feedback we have received has most certainly been positive and the team at Non Stop Products were incredibly responsive and delivered as promised.”

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These forward thinking hotels, located in one of the world’s preeminent tech centers are definitely leading the way in terms of guestroom technology adoption.  They represent the leading edge of a “guestroom tech-refresh” wave that is sweeping the industry. Hoteliers know that the smartphone is at the center the travel experience and that the ease or difficulty guests have with charging their devices has a massive impact on overall guest satisfaction.  The addition of wireless charging is particularly compelling for hotels because it eliminates that last remaining point of failure in the charging experience - the cable! As the rest of the industry catches up, the dread of “I forgot my cable” may soon be a thing of the past.