Hoteliers Guide to Picking the Best Alarm Clock / Charging Solution

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Let’s face it - out of ALL the purchasing decisions hoteliers have to make, an alarm clock falls somewhere between “Ugh, nothing quite fits with our design” and “Just throw in the cheapest thing you can find.” I’d bet most hoteliers tend to fall closer to the latter.

But, as we discussed in our last blog post, hoteliers are missing a HUGE opportunity by not putting enough thought into which alarm clock/charging station is the best fit for their property.

We understand that this decision takes a back seat to other things like bed sheets, TV’s, curtains, etc. But should it? After all guests use a phone charger more than just about anything else, so why aren’t more hoteliers trying to wow their guests with a kickass phone charger?

For one, there just isn’t a lot of reasonably priced solutions that ALSO look good and fit with modern interior design elements. (We fixed that)

Second - black, plasticky, and industrial electronics have been the norm for decades. Yet as technology becomes more ingrained in our everyday lives, a shift to more modern design electronics is happening across various consumer industries. (See Google Home, Nest, Etc). Yet as we know the hospitality industry tends to lag behind the consumer world - especially in the world of electronics. (We’re trying to fix that)

The Google Home Series uses Fabrics and Neutral Colors to Blend With Modern Interior Design Styles

The Google Home Series uses Fabrics and Neutral Colors to Blend With Modern Interior Design Styles

To make it as easy as possible for hoteliers to quickly identify which alarm clock/charging station is right for their hotel, we laid out a list of scenarios and which solution best address that scenario. Have a read. Pick your scenario. And deliver that wow moment!

Want something different?  Something that looks cool - on a budget?

Station O - The smallest station product packs a huge punch for a low cost. What it lacks in wireless charging, it more than makes up for in design and affordability.

Station W - A little more expensive than Station O, but worth it for the wireless charging!

Already have speaker you like and just want to add a clock?

Station W - Bluetooth speaker on one nightstand, alarm clock with wireless charging on the other. Hear that? It’s the sound of a guest cheering who forgot a charging cable and thought they wouldn’t be able to listen to their music.

Station O - Not quite as great as the Bluetooth/Wireless charging combo, but still pretty awesome.

Already have a clock you like and just want to add more charging?

Station C - Whether at the nightstand or desk, guests will appreciate the unique design of the Station C, but they’ll appreciate the dual USB ports and wireless charging even more.

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Want to offer the absolute best to your guests?

Station A - Wow your guests with a trifecta of attractive features - including USB charging, wireless charging, and a Bluetooth speaker.

Already have an awesome alarm clock/entertainment system and just want more charging?

Station C - Bluetooth on one nightstand, wireless charging on the other. You’re welcome.

Do you want to deliver as much charging as possible to guests?

Double down by putting the Station O on one nightstand, and the Station C on the other. Let guests charge up to 5 devices at once for one low price..

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Want to find a creative way to keep guests at your bar/restaurant in order to increase your bottom line?

Station C - imagine you’re a guest sitting at the bar. Your phone is at 5% - alas it’s time to close the tab and head up to your room for a quick charge. But wait! The bartender pulls out this awesome looking charger and boom! You’ve decided to stick around for another drink (or two)

Want to make a statement?

If one of the first things guests do when they check-in is charge their phone, don’t think you think it would be a good idea to take advantage of that engagement point? Learn how custom branded nightstand technology is taking the industry by storm.


While we understand that choosing an alarm clock / charging station can get lost in the dozens of other decisions hoteliers need to make, we firmly believe taking a little time to find the perfect one for your hotel can make a big difference in guest satisfaction.

Some guests don’t use the TV, some guests don’t use safe, some guests don’t even use the shower - but nearly EVERY guests needs to charge their phone. Are you taking advantage and delivering that wow moment?